Most people believe that the terms refer to steering too little or too much when turning a corner or entering a curve. However, there are other factors at play that may contribute to the problem. Many new vehicles are equipped with stability control technology that helps make the correction. See the selection of cars, trucks and SUVs on display at our Maus Acura of North Tampa facility. Ask about taking a road test.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles are more prone to oversteering. But the problem may also occur in vehicles having larger, more powerful engines. Although the steering abnormality is a common error, the situation becomes dangerous when the roads are wet or slippery. If the error happens frequently, the suspension may need loosening.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are more likely to cause understeering. Understeering may also occur if the driver accelerates to early into the turn. Appropriate tire pressure and a sturdier suspension help alleviate the error.


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