It starts with a small drip. Sometimes you don’t even notice your car is leaking fluids until it turns into a steady flow. Leaking fluids might not seem like a big problem, but if the issue isn’t corrected, you could be facing significant repairs. Fluids are essential, and if your car is losing them, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. In most cases, a problem with a gasket is the cause of a leak.

Gaskets are thin pieces of steel, copper, or rubber that fit between two surfaces to cause a seal or bond. The gaskets mold to fit the shape of the surfaces to prevent liquids or gasses from leaking. Over time, the gaskets can warp or wear down, and the seal may break. If this happens, your car will start leaking fluids. If you have a leak, reach out to the Maus Acura of North Tampa service department in Tampa, FL for repairs.

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