You never know if or when a tire will go bad on your car. However, when you experience a damaged tire, you need to know how to replace it right away. You can use the tire that your vehicle comes with properly by knowing if it is a compact or full-size spare tire.

A compact spare tire is also known as a doughnut. It is typically several inches shorter in diameter and harder in texture. It also makes your car sit slightly closer to the ground after you put it on. Importantly, a doughnut needs to be driven on at low speeds and changed out as soon as possible.

A full-size spare tire is just as its name implies, a spare tire that is the full size of your other tires. You can use it as a replacement while your damaged tire is being fixed. You can also simply use it as a replacement and buy a new spare tire later for your car. It keeps your car at its full height.


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