Dealing with an emergency while driving can be scary. With the right preparedness, a driver can, hopefully, deal with the situation. Being prepared includes having the right tools and know-how. Ultimately, the goal here is to keep yourself safe. That might involve some work with the car, after directing it to a safe location..

A common emergency involves a problem with the tires. A blowout or flat takes a car out of commission, which is why it is critical to know how to put on a spare. Sometimes, fix-a-flat cans work, but not always. With mechanical issues, you need to get the car safely onto the shoulder. Keeping flares in the trunk helps too. They light the car’s vicinity at night. Flares shouldn’t be too close to the car, though.

Make sure you have a charged cell phone to call for assistance. Trust the police and first responders, and be wary of strangers.

Proper vehicle maintenance could prevent some troubles. At Maus Acura of North Tampa, you can get your car checked and fixed.


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