Like many Tampa drivers, you probably don't think much about your windshield wiper blades until you actually need them. These simple and relatively low-cost components are essential for ensuring good visibility during inclement weather. At Maus Acura of North Tampa, we want local motorists to know when to change their wiper blades and why changing them is so important.

How Windshield Wipers Wear Down

Sun damage and oxidization can gradually break wipers down. As a result, these components tend to become brittle, stiff, and virtually ineffective over time. Constant friction during use also lends to their wear.

Do Your Windshield Wiper Blades Need Replaced?

If your wipers skip across the glass, chatter, or leave visible streaks behind, they aren't doing their job. The resulting blurry spots can make it difficult for you to see both the road and other motorists who are using it. For more info on replacing your windshield wiper blades or to have your auto serviced by knowledgeable, friendly technicians, stop by Maus Acura of North Tampa today.


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