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Albert White
General Manager
813-535-6287 ext3502

Albert White, Went to Brandon High School, and attended USF for college!  He loves football and his favorite team of course is The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He was born in Tampa, FL.  He is passionate about being a husband and father! When he gets a chance to play sports on his free time, you can find him being a participant!  He loves working for the Maus Family because of the empowerment and encouragement we get and receive here at the dealerships!

Angelo Antoulinakis
Sales Manager

Angelo Antoulinakis, Went to Tonawanda High School.  He also attended Erie County Community College. Angelo's favorite sports teams are Buffalo Bills, and the New York Yankee's.  He was born in Buffalo, New York.   He started the car business back in 1995, and started with the Maus Family in 2019.  He is very passionate about his family and being a husband.  When he gets free time he rides his bike!  He enjoys working for the Maus Family because of the positive nature that we work in on a daily basis.  He likes the enrichment and motivation on a daily basis as well.

Lily Do
Sales and Business Manager
813-535-6287 ext 3401

Lily Do, Went to Diamond Ranch High School.   She attended college at California State University of Long Beach.  Her favorite teams consist of The Tampa Bay Lightning, The Buccaneers, and of course the L.A. Lakers.  Lily was born in Vietnam.   Lily started in the car business in 2014 and started with the Maus Family in 2020.  She loves spending time with her friends and family outside of work.  She loves work for the Maus Family so much she could not narrow it down to one thing, so to sum it up for her, it's everything here she loves!

Crystal Enger
Internet Sales Director

Crystal Enger, Went to Washburn High School.  She attended the University of Minnesota.  Crystal is not a super big fan of sports but will always root for the Home Team!  Go Buccaneers, and Go Lightning!     She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In 2014 she started in the car business, and joined the Maus Family in 2019.  Crystal loves to head to the beach or have a good relaxing day by the pool.  Of course on her list of fun stuff is hanging out with her friends, going to church, socializing, and of course shopping!  Crystal loves working with the Maus Family, because of the atmosphere, the trust and honesty that you do not typically see in the car business is nice to share with our customers.  David has been a blessing and created this environment where you truly feel like family and that in turn allows us to provide the best service for our customers.  She loves being able to show our guests exceptional experience here!  Crystal says she not only agrees we are in the business of selling cars, but the David Maus Foundation along with multiple other outreach programs have allowed her the opportunity to volunteer and help in the community.

Tom White
Sales Manager


Internet Sales

Alisha King
Internet Sales Manager

Alisha King, Went to J. W. Mitchell High School.  Her favorite sports team consist of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Seminoles, and Kansas City Chiefs.   She was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   She started her car business life with the Maus Family in 2018!   She is very passionate about being a girly girl and loves doing hair and makeup, but don't let that fool you she loves being an outdoorswoman as well, hunting, fishing, hiking you name it.   Alisha enjoys working for the Maus Family because of the family we've made here together!

Ashly Gonzalez
Internet Sales Manager

Ashly Gonzalez, Went to Wharton High School, and attended college at Hillsborough Community College. Although she doesn't watch a lot of sports, she will route for Tampa Bay Lightning of course!   Ashly was born in Puerto Rico.  Ashly joined into the car business in 2014.  She loves to travel, and bake.  The reason she loves working for the Maus Family is the awesome family environment and the friendship!

Brittany Slaybaugh
Internet Sales Manager

Brittany Bishop(Slaybaugh), Went to Greenfield-Central High School.  She also completed college at Ivy Tech Community College.  Her favorite teams are Green Bay Packers, Colts, and Tampa Bay Lightning.  Brittany was born in Los Angeles, California.  She started in the car business in 2011, and joined the Maus Team in 2019.  When she gets out of work she loves being with her friends, and family.  When she gets a chance to crochet, bake, play videogames and travel that is on the list too. There is just so much to mention.  Brittany loves working for the Maus Family, because of the key word Family!  The atmosphere is great and we all always have each other's backs! 

Luis Belen
Internet Sales Manager

Luis Belen, Went to Norman Thomas High School for Commercial Arts, and was in the U.S. NCO Academy- Germany Army.  Luis loves his Tampa Bay Teams of course…. The Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning!  He was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.   In September of 1996 he joined the car business, and in 2019 he joined the Maus Family!  He is very passionate about Jesus, going to church, watching sports, time with his wife, and reading a good book!  The reason he loves working for the Maus Family is the family environment, the ability to be himself, the Maus Family has allowed him to grow and provide for his family!



Alex Fajardo
Sales Professional

Alex Fajardo, Went to East Bay High School, and went to USF for college.  His favorite sports teams are Boston Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and New England Patriots.  He was born in Boston, Massachusetts.   He started the car business in 2016 and joined the Maus Family in 2019. Alex is passionate about being a great father to his son, and working on his race cars.   He loves working for the Maus Family, because we are all a FAMILY!

Alex Williams
Sales Professional

Alex Williams, Went to Eagles Landing High School in McDonough,GA and attended Luther Rice University for college!  He loves football, baseball and hockey and his favorite teams are The Tampa Bay Lightning, Shite Sox, and the 49ers.  He was born in New Orleans, LA.  He is passionate about Church and leading youth! He entered the car business on the service side in 2004 and joined the Maus Family in 2021. He loves working for the Maus Family because it is a family atmosphere and faith based company!

Jason Ellenburg
Sales Professional

Jason Ellenburg, Went to Walton High School in Marietta, GA. His favorite team is all the Atlanta teams!  Jason was born in Atlanta, GA.  He started in the car business in 2021 with the Maus Family.  Jason is very passionate about spending time with his 2 children.  He loves working for the Maus Family so far because of the positive atmosphere, and a true family working environment is what we have! J

Jeshua Casanova
Sales Professional

Jeshua Casanova, Went to Alonso High School.   He also served in the military.  He loves all his Tampa Bay Teams.   He was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. He started the car business with the Maus Family in 2019.  His favorite thing to do as soon as he leaves after a day of selling is to be with his family!  He loves working for the Maus Family because of the financial stability he was provided by putting in hard work on a daily his hard work pays off!

Lee Houston
Sales Professional
813-535-6287 ext 3512

Loren Chateu
Sales Professional

Sophie Meeker
Sales Professional

Sophie Meeker, Went to Sickles High School. She is super self motivated! Her favorite sport is Mixed Martial Arts, she in fact used to fight competitively.  She was born in Nashville, TN.  Sophie joined the car business in 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic actually.  She is very passionate about learning and reading about health, the world around us, and anything that allows her to gain knowledge.  She does also like going to the beach, hanging out with her family, and her girlfriends!  Sophie's favorite thing about the Maus Team is she likes who she works with and the man that leads us!  We are all like family here!

Vincent "Vinny" Brown
Sales Professional

Vincent Brown, Went to Sickles High School.   He went to Saint Petersburg College.  His favorite team is Tampa Bay Bucaneers, but his favorite all time sport is MMA.   Vincent was born in Clearwater, FL.  Vincent started the car industry with the Maus Family in 2018.  He is super passionate and proud to be a father to Nola, a husband to Katie, and loves his fur baby too (Isabella).   Family time is his priority.  He loves working for the Maus Family because of the culture!



Jean "JC" Pagan
Finance Manager
813-535-6287 ext 3551

Zack Deleo
Finance Manager

Zack Deleo, Went to Alonso High School.  He attended USF for college. His favorite teams are Tampa Bay Lightning, and Miami Heat.  He was born and stayed in Tampa, FL. He started in the car business in 2016, and with the Maus Family in 2018.  Zack loves being a husband and a father.  Zack spends time with his family a lot.  He also does play sports on his free time.  In working with the Maus Family, he likes the good work environment we have and the culture.  He says that the Maus Family is fair, and takes care of their customer's.  He takes pride that our dealerships/family also work hard for the foundations, and our charitable fundraisers.  The acts of kindness in general travel around in a whole he said.



Jim Smith
Service & Parts Director
813-535-6287 ext 3601

Chris Tranberg
Assistant Service Manager
813-535-6287 ext 3603

Isiah Jones
Service Advisor
813-535-6287 ext 3600

Robert Walker
Service Advisor
813-535-6287 ext 3602

Tony White
Service Advisor
813-535-6287 ext 3604

Alisha Powell
Service Cashier and BDC

Beth Mahoney
Service Cashier

Carlos Sanchez
Service Technician

Channing Stotts
Service Valet

Chris Patterson
Service Technician

Connor Meredith
Service Valet

Devante Brison
Service Valet

Edwin Lopez Jr
Tint Department

Fernando Mauricio
Service Technician

Gary Zaffino
Service Technician

Jeremy Flores
Service Technician

John Zaffino
Service Technician

Jotzam Torres
Service Technician

Kelly Williams
Service Cashier and BDC

Kristopher Perez
Service Technician

Larry Renneck
Service Valet Manager

Michael "AP" Apunte
Service Valet

Roys Martinez
Service Technician

Stephen Heywood
Service Technician

Steven Correa
Service Technician

Tonga Fifta
Service Concierge



Thomas Sikes

Anthony Falco

Jorge Villatoro

Sebastian Burchell
Parts Driver

Sam Rowland
Parts Director


Dealer Relations

Tiffany Lopez
Human Resources Manager

Meredith Balasco
Customer Relations Manager
813-535-6287 ext 3503

Meredith graduated from Cranston West High School. She graduated with a marketing major and a member of DECA. Being a New Englander, she loves Tom Brady and is even happier now that he is here playing in Tampa Bay. Meredith has five children and one grandson. She loves to spend time with her family. After her children we're all in school, she pursued a career in teaching and taught VPK for five years. Meredith joined the Maus family in 2019. She loves working in the family friendly environment and cherishes all of her new friendships she has made at Maus Acura.

Michelle Botbol
VIP Manager
813-535-6287 ext 3501

Carrie Person
Customer Service

Christine Rowland
Orientation Manager

Chris May
Director of Partnerships

-Graduated from Lake Brantley High School
-Attended University of Central Florida
-My Favorite Teams are Tampa Bay Lightning
-Born in Pittsburg, PA
-Joined the Maus Family in 2019
-When I am not working I enjoy volunteering and helping with service projects. I also am and avid Golfer
-The things I like most about the Maus Family Auto Group is the culture of the organization and positive impact we make on the communities we are in.

Savannah Licata
Inventory Specialist

Savannah Licata, Went to Sunlake High School.  Her favorite team is Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Lightning.   Savannah was born in Tampa, Florida.   She started in the car business in 2015 and has been with the Maus Family since 2018.  Savannah is passionate about new findings, and being in nature! She works for the Maus Family because it's such a family atmosphere, it's like having extra brothers and sisters!